Ministries Media Ministry

The purpose of the Williams Chapel A.M.E. Church Media Ministry is to carry the word of God to the world through the use of technology and media and to equip other ministries of the church with the capability to incorporate technology into their programs and use media as an outreach tool.  The Media Ministry not only provides the technical support for the worship services but also produces audio and video tapes of sermons and various events which are made available for sale on CD’s and DVD’s. (Bro. Charles Artis, Chair)

confidingly Bible Study Ministry

This ministry is offered to share the gospel through the teachings of Jesus Christ; thereby applying learned biblical principles to one’s daily life.

  1. Pastors Bible Study @ 6:00 Each Wednesday
  2. Women Inspirational Network Bible Study @ 5:30 Each Wednesday
  3. Community Bible Study @ Noon Each Thursday

Church School Ministry

The mission of the Church School in the African Methodist Episcopal Church shall be to teach, train, and nurture adults, young adults, college students, teenagers and children in God’s word; preparing them for Christian service by emphasizing Christian principles.  The Church School shall employ methodologies for effective Christian growth and maximum participation inclusive of creative teaching pedagogies, state of-the-art learning technologies; and, multimedia products.  Dr. James Keller, Supt.—8:30 am every Sunday

Class Leaders Council Ministry

The class leader’s ministry seeks to build a connectional spirit-filled relationship between the pastor and each member of the church.  Each member is assigned to a small group and the leaders reach out to connect members as a church family. Sis. Ernestine Felder, Chairperson

Facilities Maintenance Ministry

This ministry provides cleaning and maintenance services for the beautification and upkeep of the church and the Learning Center.  Bro. Leroy Brunson, Chairperson

Health Ministries

This ministry provides important health-related issues to the membership. Sis. Barbara White, Advisor

Hospitality Ministry

This ministry provides hostesses who are called upon to receive guests are various church functions; serve as waitresses when called upon; and fulfilling numerous posts during conferences. Sis. Minnie Johnson, Chair

Lay Ministry

This ministry seeks to instill in Lay members of the church a love and an appreciation of the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism. It promotes and supports the total church ministries. Bro. Maurice Abraham, Local President

Community Soup Kitchen Outreach Ministry

Every Friday from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Bro Bennie Brown, Chair

Willing Workers Ministry

This ministry of dedicated, Christian workers provides supportive services for the successful operation of the church.

Women’s Auxiliary Ministry

This is ministry of dedicated, committed women who provide supportive services to enhance the operation of the church. The Auxiliary annually recognizes the graduating seniors of the Church. Sis. Belinda Branch, President, after worship service every other month

Women’s Missionary Society Ministry (WMS)

The society ministers to the sick and shut-in members (i.e. cards, donations, floral and/or fruit gifts and school supplies). An annual scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior in the church. Sis. Cyneitha Page, President; meets; third Saturday each month @ 10:00 am

Young People’s Department Ministry (YPD)

To provide meaningful youth training programs in all areas of church life which will facilitate full participation in the total mission of the church. Sis. Courtney Brown, President

Public Relations Ministry

This ministry is responsible for news releases to the newspapers and publication of leaflets/brochures. Lillian Johnson, Chairperson meets the First Thursdays of the at 5:30 pm)

Sons of Allen (SOA) —Men’s Ministry

The Sons of Allen is a fellowship through which African Methodist men can enhance their sense of belonging to the church, gain understanding and appreciation of the spiritual/social message of the church.  They also develop latent empowerment in the congregation to help them become disciples of other men which enhances the ministry and fellowship in the church. (Brother Anthony Davis, President)

Transportation Ministry

This ministry renders a very valuable service to members, especially senior citizens who are in need of transportation to Sunday worship services. Transportation is also available for use by other church ministries and provides services to the students at area universities and colleges.  Bro. Jeffrey Dowling

Ushers Ministry

The usher boards serve in greeting and directing worshippers as they enter and exit the sanctuary. They may also in collecting the various offerings. Sis. Helen Shuler-David Wallace Usher Board and L. T. Baker Usher, Bro. James E. Keller

Vacation Bible School Ministry

This ministry provides biblical knowledge through social interaction, arts and crafts, and other enriching learning activities.

Music Ministry

Members of this ministry render up melodic songs of Zion and instrumental music which greatly enhance the worship service. Choirs rendering their voices in song are The Chancel Choir and Kingdom Men Male Chorus. Sis. Ernestine Felder, President

New Members Education Ministry

This ministry assists with the nurturing of new members through an introductory orientation period before they are received into full membership. Pastor Stanley Rivers

Congregational Care/Visitation Ministry

This ministry provides spiritual support and guidance in times of illness and trouble through visitation services. They also lend support to the families in times of death/bereavement. This ministry will show love and concern for the members of the church family and community through individual and group support for the (1) sick and shut-in, (2) elderly, (3) grief and crises, and the (4) youth and young adult. Rev. Eva W. Summers, Chair

Ministry of Greeters

This ministry will provide a warm and friendly environment for members and new comers entering worship, including announcements and parish concerns.  Bro. Michael Shuler, President

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