Ministry Leaders

The Official Boards of the Church

Steward Board, Trustee Board, Stewardess Boards, and Class Leaders

Senior Pastor Reverend Stanley Rivers

Associate Ministers
Reverend Doctor Christopher Mathis
Reverend Eva Summers

Reverend Sammy Gordon, Sr.
Reverend Lorena Fuller

The Board of Stewards
Brother William A. Purvis, Vice-Chair
Sister Marie H. Artis
Brother Moses E. Brown
Brother Jason Barr
Sister Joyce Cummings
Sister Bessie Dowling
Sister Ernestine Felder
Sister Clemmie Hill, Secretary
Brother Franklin Jackson
Sister Mary James

Steward Emeritus Brother Wilbur L. Irick

Sister Minnie Johnson
Sister Shannon Johnson
Sister Yolanda Johnson
Brother Pattamas J. Jones, Jr.
Brother James E. Keller, CFO
Sister Gertha McFadden
Sister Keisha Smith
Sister Cynethia E. Page
Sister Barbara White
The Board of Trustees
Brother Julius Page, Pro Tempore
Brother Charles Artis
Brother Bennie Brown
Brother Gregory Branch
Brother Leroy Brunson, Sr.
Brother Jeffrey Dowling
Sister Eva S. George
Sister Harriette Gregg
Brother Sammie L. Gordon, Jr

Trustee Emeritus Brother Carl D. Kennerly

Sister Lillian Green
Brother Gil Harris
Sister Bertie Howard, Secretary
Brother Albert Humphrey
Brother Thomas L. Irick
Brother Chisto Jordan
Sister Sandra Knotts
Sister Pearl J. Logan
Brother James McFadden
Brother Curtis Simmons
Class Leaders
Class 1: Brother William A. Purvis
Class 2: Sister Myrtle Hook
Class 3: Sister Anna Mack
Class 4: Sister Keisha Dickson
Class 5: Brother Moses E. Brown, President
Class 6: Sister Marie Artis
Class 7: Sister Sandra Knotts
Class 8: Sister Margaret Jones
Class 9: Sister Yolanda Johnson
Class 10: Sister Shannon Johnson
Class 11: Sister Martha Bellinger
Class 12: Sister Barbara Troy
Class 13: Sister Elizabeth Humphrey
Class 14: Sister Annie Purvis

Class 15: Sister Clemmie Hill
Class 16: Sister Barbara Kirkpatrick
Class 17: Sister Bessie Dowling
Class 18: Sister Harrie Dell Mintz
Class 19: Sister Dorothy C. Major
Class 20: Sister Eva S. George
Class 21: Sister Ernestine Johnson
Class 22: Sister Dale Evans
Class 23: Sister Joyce Cummings
Class 24: Sister Janice McMillian
Class 25: Sister Anna Mack
Class 26: Sister Minnie Johnson
Class 27: Sister Barbara White
Class 28: Sister Ernestine Felder
Stewardesses – Sister Cynethia E. Page, Coordinator
Stewardess Board #1
Sister Juanita Grant. President
Sister Annie M. Bradley
Sister Gwendolyn Brown, Vice President
Sister Joyce Cummings
Sister Gracie Harper
Sister Ernestine Haynes
Sister Johnnie Hodges
Sister Margaret Jones
Sister Gertrude Robinson
Sister Gladys Thomas
Sister Jacqueline P. Turner
Sister Giselle White-Perry
Sister Annelle Zimmerman

Stewardess Board #2
Sister Frances Lee, President
Sister Lillian Green
Sister Helen Jefferson
Sister Dorothy C. Major
Sister Barbara McCoy
Sister Loretta McFadden
Sister Harrie Dell Mintz
Sister Ernestine Johnson
Sister Ashlyn Jones
Sister Barbara Raysor
Sister Mary Seawright
Sister Rebecca Starks
Sister Eartha B. Whetstone
Stewardess Board #3
Sister Cynethia E. Page, President
Sister Bertha C. Brunson
Sister Ernestine Felder
Sister Clemmie F. Hill
Sister Shannon Johnson
Sister Calverta D. Long
Sister Gertha McFadden
Sister Karen T. McKinney
Sister Michelle Murray
Sister Linda G. Page
Sister Marian Y. Richardson
Sister Martha Rowson
Sister Sharon Scott
Sister Helen M. Shuler
Stewardess Board #4
Sister Bessie W. Dowling, President
Sister Dorothy L. Dulaney
Sister Mary M. Felder
Sister Elouise B. Floyd
Sister Elaine Green
Sister Georgene Hightower
Sister Myrtle Hook
Sister Shirley R. Jackson
Sister Sandra Knotts
Sister Anna B. Mack
Sister Leona Scott
Sister Johnnie L. White

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