Ministry Leaders

The Official Boards of the Church

Steward Board and Trustee Board

Senior Pastor Reverend Stanley Rivers

Associate Ministers
Reverend Eva Summers
Reverend Sammy Gordon, Sr.
Reverend Lorena Fuller

The Board of Stewards
Brother Maurice Abraham
Sister Marie Artis – Vice-Chairperson/Steward Pro Temp
Brother Jason Barr – Assistant Vice-Chairperson/Steward Pro Temp
Brother Moses E. Brown – Chief Information Officer & Assistant Financial Officer
Sister Joyce Cummings
Sister Bessie Dowling
Sister Ernestine Felder
Brother Sammie L. Gordon, Jr.
Sister Harriette Gregg
Sister Clemmie Hill – Holy Steward

Steward Emeritus Brother Wilbur Irick, Sister Gertha McFadden and Brother William A. Purvis

Sister Shirley Jackson
Sister Minnie Johnson
Sister Shannon Johnson
Sister Yolanda Johnson
Brother Pattamas J. Jones, Jr.
Brother James E. Keller – Chief Financial Officer
Sister Cynethia E. Page
Sister Keisha D. Smith
Sister Barbara White

The Board of Trustees
Brother Charles Artis
Brother Robert Bradley, Sr.
Brother Gregory Branch
Brother Bennie Brown, Jr. – Assistant Pro Tempore
Brother Leroy Brunson, Sr.
Brother Jeffrey Dowling
Sister Lillie Glover
Brother Gil Harris
Sister Georgene Hightower
Sister Bertie R. Howard – Secretary

Trustee Emeritus Brother Carl D. Kennerly and Brother James McFadden

Brother Thomas Irick
Brother Willie Jeffries
Sister Alma Jones
Sister Ashlyn Jones
Sister Sandra Knotts
Sister Pearl Logan
Sister Anna Mack
Brother Julius Page – Pro Tempore
Brother Curtis Simmons

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